Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and all non-toxic components!

The high-density proprietary shredded foam mix we use is inherently dust mite resistant, without the need to add any dangerous chemicals like some products do. Our bamboo and polyester blended cover is also made in the usa and completely hypoallergenic. All of our foam is non-toxic and has been tested and shown to be made without dangerous materials.

We support local jobs and only use all local components!

At Tertis, we are proud to say that we support local jobs and build all of our products to last. Our extremely high quality and very low V.O.C. Foam will keep the proper support for pillow throughout the years. Everything from the fabric, cover, and fire resistant chemical free socking are all made domestically and we use our very own all local labor force to manufacture each product.

The longest sleep trial from the company that really cares!

The snuggle-pedic pillow now offers an unprecedented 4-month (120 nights), no hassel sleep trial. We also want to have the peace of mind to know we have a long history of manufacturing the finest products as Tertis, the parent company of snuggle-pedic. After being in the business for over 20 years, unlike the competition, we have the track record to back our long history of honoring our commitments and fixing any issues that may arise.

Deluxe queen size pillow with memory foam and removable cover

Tertis has redesigned their original top selling pillow. These improved, deluxe cooling shredded memory foam pillows are soft enough to conform to the shape of head but supportive enough to keep neck and back aligned properly. Meanwhile, the ultra-plush viscous made from bamboo pillow casing is soft and strong, stain resistant and hypoallergenic.

Memory foam is unique in its tendency to expand and fluff up in warmer temperatures and then compress in cooler temperatures. This quality enables these pillows to be adjusted to either a firm pillow or a soft pillow. If prefer a soft pillow for sleeping, just put our shredded foam pillows in the dryer on a low setting for a few minutes. If prefer a firm pillow or an extra firm pillow for sleeping, allow the pillow to compress down for that extra support need.

Stay-cool material

Bamboo fiber is breathable and comfortable. Natural fabric woven with breathable design can be breathable and comfortable. Over 45 % of mesh design keeps cool at any time.

Bamboo cover

60% polyester and 40% bamboo made cover, dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, highly breathable for air circulation, cooling pillow,tempurmemopedic provides a cool night's sleep. Fully removable and machine washable for easy cleaning care.

Adjusted comfort

Tertis’s pillow features shredded memory foam filling that provides therapeutic relief for all sleepers. Add and/or remove foam filling to find the perfect comfort level and enjoy a personalized sleep experience.

Quality memory foam filling

The shredded memory foam filling is certipur-us certified for its quality,shredded style combination memory foam body pillow that never goes flat,it's safe,breathable,healthy and soft.

Care information

Extend the lifespan of pillow by following these recommendations:

- Upon arrival: the pillow will need 24 hours to fully expand its cylindrical shipping shape.

- Before its use: gently pat the pillow so it will recover all its fluffiness. Use the following methods: 1) grab the end of the pillow in each hand. Push the ends of the pillow in-and-out, as would do playing the accordion.

2) hit the sides of the pillow simultaneously with fists.

- after a long time of use: pat the pillow and then keep it in the sun for 5 minutes to restore its original fluffy form.

3) squeeze the pillows from the top and bottom (the wide part).

- When dirty: unzip the outer bamboo cover and wash it by hand or machine in cold water and tumble dry. Do not wash the shredded memory foam filling or the inner cover that encloses the filling.

What is in the box?

1x queen size shredded foam bed pillow;

1x user manual and warranty card;

Price: € 21

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